Good Ad (BBH, Singapore)


Good Ad (BBH, Singapore)

This is a very clever and visually simple ad. Its sexually suggestive but in a classy way, you can’t take offence at it and minors won’t understand. Its very simple and in keeping with Ikea’s style.


Good Ad (DDB Korea, Seoul, South Korea)


Good Ad (DDB Korea, Seoul, South Korea)

I think this is an example of a really simple, but effective print ad. You can immediately understand what they are communicating and they haven’t tried to over do it. I also love the slightly textured background they have used on this ad. It looks natural and organic which lends itself well to the product they are advertising, as well as creating a bit of visual interest.

Bad Ad (La Familia, Santiago, Chilie)


Bad Ad (La Familia, Santiago, Chilie)

Power & Precision.
The power part of this ad is obvious. The precision, not so much. If someone has to strain that much to the point of sweating to simply thread a needle, they have absolutely no precision. What does that say about the product? Its very powerful but it has to work hard to be precise? Or after a number of attempts it’ll get it right? Nup, this ad fails to sell the benefits of the product. Also, it verges on being a boring say it and show it ad. If you show it, there is no need to say it as well.

Bad Ad


Bad Ad

A Pepsi can dressed up as a Coke.
The cape actually says “Cola Coca”.
This is a bad ad because its message can be taken different ways:
– I’m pepsi, I dream of being coke
– I’m Pepsi, my hero is Coke
– Scary because what you thought was a
Coke is actually a Pepsi!
– It also makes you salivate for the taste of Coke NOT

Good job at promoting the competitor.

Bad Ad (McCann Erickson, Israel)


Bad Ad (McCann Erickson, Israel)

The artwork for this ad is ugly. It looks tacky.
Also I’m not sure if the perspective is correct on the turkey.

And what the ad is saying is terrible! “Hey, we’re not your first choice, but when everything turns to shit, we’re here to save the day”. Perhaps the way people view pizza in Israel is completely different to us (Australia), but for me the ad doesnt work.

To make your clients product seem like an afterthought or a second option is not doing your job properly.

Bad Ad (Miami Ad School Spain)


Bad Ad (Miami Ad School Spain)

I think this ad is terrible:
1) The concept is not clear enough. You have mere seconds to catch a consumers attention, sure they might notice the ears, but they won’t understand what the ad is ‘saying’, so it’s not very memorable.
2) Poor sense of humour.
3) SHOCKING photoshop effort. Look to the mothers ear, on the right hand side of the page, its nearly missing! There’s something funky going on there..
4) The copy is poor.